9th March 2020

FAQs – Colour Runs

Q. Will the course be marshalled?

A. Yes of course. The saftey of our runners is our top priority so the course will be staffed by plenty of marshalls and we have first aid cover on hand as well just in case

Q. Is the run Timed?

A. No, Rhydd Run Colour is a fun run and not a race therefore we don’t time it. There will hopefully be a timing clock at the start / finish line so runners will be able to take a note of thier finish time but we do not record the times for this run.

Q. Are there toilets at the course?

A. Yes. There are toilets located a short walk from the start / finish area.

Q. What is included in the entry fee?

A. All youth runners will recieve a bib number to wear during the race, A white t-shirt to really show of the colour, a pair of birghtly coloured sunglasses for eye protection, a packet of colour powder for the start party, A finishers medal and free access to download copies of the race photography which will be available online shortly after the race through a secure password protected download site.

Q. Will there be a water station on the course?

A. Yes there will be a water station approximatly half way round the course

Q. Does the course leave Rhydd Covert at all?

A. No the course is contained solely within the boundries of Rhydd Covert campsite. The course will also be closed to vehicles during the race.

Q. Can parents spectate?

A. Yes parents will be able to spectate

Q. What first aid cover is provided?

A. The Rhydd Run team will provide first aid cover during the run.

Q. Do we need to provide health forms to the organisers

A. No, During the race all participants must wear thier race bib number at all times, on the back of which will be a form to complete with basic medical details and contact details for either thier group leader or parent in the case for individual entries. Our first aid team will use this information in the event of any first aid being required.

Q. Is the paint powder safe?

A. Yes absolutley. We only use professionally supplied paint powder designed for these fun runs. It is non-flamable, non-toxic and only made using natural ingredients. Whilst the paint is safe a pair of sunglasses is supplied and we advise you wear them if you are worried about the paint going in your eyes while running

Q. Does the paint powder stain?

A. Yes it can, we would therefore advise wearing old clothing, a white t-shirt is provided to get the full effect of the paint

Q. Are there washing facilities available on-site?

A. No, there are toilets but we request these are not used for washing off paint powder after the race.

Q. Can Adults accompay young people on the course?

A. 1 Adult per runner may accompany Squirrels and Beavers but this is optional. Adults will not be permitted to run with Cubs, Scouts or Explorers. However if your young person needs extra support to take part please contact us as we may be able to make exceptions in certain circumstances.