4th December 2019

FAQs – Results & Photos

Q – When will results from a race be available?

A – Results will useually be available by the end of the day of the race. All participants will be emailed when results are posted

Q – When will photos from the race be available?

A – It normally takes us up to two weeks to process and upload all the photos. All participants will be emailed when the photos are available to vie

Q – Why are the photos password protected?

A – We password protect the albums from each race for safeguarding reasons. Every participant will be emailed the password to gain access to the photos of races they participate in. If you where not a participant then we cannot provide you with the password. If you need the password and where a participant please email info@rhyddrun.co.uk from the email address you registed for the race with along with your race ID and we will supply the password

Q – I am searching for photos by Bib number but no photos are showing. Where are my photos?

A – The photo software we use employs automatic character recognition to tag photos. If your bib number was not clearly visible in the photos it will not get tagged so will not show up when you search. The photos are still there but you will just have to look for them manually. Or you could try the facial recognition feature and upload a selfie to scan for face matches.